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Obtech was founded in 1993 with only three staffs as a specialist manufacturer of customised plastic bags for the food and beverage and healthcare industries. Within three years, it was incorporated in 1997 as Obtech Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. Since then, the company has grown into a work force of 50 and chalked up a strong record in supplying paper, board and plastic based products for the food and beverage, hospitality, medical and building and manufacturing industries. After 26 years of business Obtech is now a renowned packaging company in Malaysia and many other surrounding countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

It is now highly regarded for providing the best service as a one-stop packaging supplier offering sourcing, logistics and warehousing. Its extensive range of high-end paper, board and plastic packaging solutions include disposable cups, lids, cartons, bags, napkins, trays, boxes, bags, gloves and containers. It also has design and printing services with high quality, custom printed packaging solutions.
Professional Services

Obtech handles packaging and business needs by using the latest design, material and production techniques for clients. Its experienced team has worked successfully with many customers to supply packaging that meet their functional requirements and help market their brands better. Special packaging products are imported from abroad to widen and upgrade its product range of disposable items to meet demands domestically and from other countries.

As a packaging partner, it carries Grade A to modest priced products for many businesses. With its expert product development team, Obtech can easily develop customised packaging to suit any business. Depending on costing, needs and budget, it can provide a range of specialized products.


Obtech has worked with sustainable practices for many years to protect the natural environment by using sustainable sourcing. Its paper and board products are from reputable raw material suppliers that harvest only cultivated forests. The suppliers are audited for evidence of sustainability such as FSC or PEFC accreditation.

In its manufacturing facility Obtech practises EPA-approved waste disposal. There is minimal use of power and solvent based inks and adhesives. It re-uses production set-up materials and minimal outer packaging. The company is working with a carbon management specialist to provide independent analysis of its carbon footprint and developing strategies for on-going reductions.


To be a leading professional player in the paper, plastic and packaging sector in Malaysia.


To protect and safeguard the environment for posterity while supplying professional packaging solutions to satisfied customers worldwide.

GloveOn Paloma Nitrile Hand Glove, Powder Free, Standard Cuff

Eco Semi Soluble Laundry Bag

Eco Wooden Ice Cream Spoon

Paper Sandwich Box (Wedge)

Paper Cake Box

Paper Food Pail

Paper Hot Dog Box

Paper Burger Box

Paper French Fry Box

Paper Pizza Box

Hot Dog Bag

French Fry Bag

Pocket Wrap Bag

Foil Sachet Bag

Plastic Compartment Container

Plastic Bag

Paper D Bag

Non-woven Laundry Bag

Wooden Satay Sticks

Paper Straw

Wooden Stirrer

Eco Wooden Spoon

Eco Wooden Knife

Eco Wooden Fork

Sugar Cane Lunch Box

Sugar Cane Bowl

Gun Type Bamboo Skewer

Stretch / Pallet Film

Umbrella Dispenser Bag

Shoe Cover

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